The study of the challenges faced by women in political life.

In 2022, our team conducted a study on behalf of UN Women on violence in politics, particularly concerning women candidates in Kyrgyzstan. The aim of the research is to collect and analyze factual data on the most significant obstacles to women’s participation in political life, directing efforts towards expanding and supporting their political rights and opportunities.

The main components of the study include:

  • Stereotypes – studying gender stereotypes and their influence on the perception of women in politics.
  • Institutional level – analyzing the role of institutions and laws in shaping opportunities for women’s participation in politics.
  • Family Dynamics – assessing the influence of family on women’s decisions to enter politics.
  • Public opinion – studying society’s attitudes towards women’s political participation.
  • Media and Social Networks – analyzing the portrayal of women in politics through media coverage.
  • Countermeasures – identifying strategies to counteract violence and discrimination against women in politics.

The study covered a wide range of participants in the political arena, including women candidates, elected deputies, representatives of political parties, civil society, and the media. Taking into account regional diversity, the sample includes various socio-demographic and professional groups. The study employed both quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as desk-based methods.

The research findings will be used to formulate recommendations for addressing barriers and supporting active participation of women in the political life of Kyrgyzstan.

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